What’s The Best Type of Lead?

What's The Best Type  of Lead?

I recently saw a post on one of the groups I belong to and they were asking
why they had not made a sale of the business after generating just a handful
of leads. Which really got me thinking about why some get a few leads and
are successful, make sales. Others get the same amount of leads and are not
successful, make no sales.






Is this just plain luck, where the starts aligned for the lucky few that made sales
while all the others where just the unlucky one. Well over time the unlucky ones
would become the lucky one and vice versa, if it were that simple.






The real answer to this dilemma has to but something much different, otherwise
the winners wouldn't continue winning and losers would would start winning
over time. This really has much more to do with experience and a deeper
understanding on solid marketing principles and a better targeting of the
potential prospects.









So if you were to create a list of 100 job seekers and show them a business
opportunity that would allow them to be financially free within weeks or
months of getting started. How many of these would be employees take a
look at the business opportunity? Let's see how would that compare to doing
the same thing but this time making a list of 100 previous business owners.
Do you think that you might actually have better results targeting the
job seekers or the previous business owners? Well even though the job
seekers may be needing your opportunity much more than the previous business
owners, research shows that the job seeker would pass up on the business.

Now this doesn't mean that someday that job seeker may change their mind,
but in the short-term the previous business owner would be more receptive
to looking at and getting involved in you business. This is using solid
marketing principles to identify your best tarted audience and follow the
path of least resistance. You will not need to use any hard sale tactics to
close a higher percentage of your prospects when they are already open to
the idea of making money outside of the JOB.

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