How Increase Sales Without Getting New Leads
Improve sales

I was recently on a webinar with one of the most successful affiliate marketers in recent memory, which would be Sharkir Hussyin. He gave a few tips that I found interesting, but one really stood out. The main discussion was on how to improve conversions and sales without having to grow your list. Which is like getting free leads into your funnel.

Now Shaquir is a master at getting people to join his business without having to call them on the phone, which makes a whole lot of sense since he is one of Daegan Smith’s protégés.  So when Shaquir talks about anything related to marketing my ears perk up like a bloodhound in search of milk bones.


Most of the tips I had heard before, like using a compelling email subject to get higher open rates and keeping your email body copy short and to the point. And of course he spoke about the importance of performing split testing on everything you can imagine.  But there was one tip that I had never heard anyone discuss, one of those super ninja tips that make a huge difference whether you have a list of twenty or 1 million.

The basic idea is that independent of the size of your list, getting one more existing member on your list to open your email is better than getting ten new cold leads. This is primarily due to the fact the warm traffic from your list is inherently more responsive. So the idea is after you send the initial email and get your list of people that opened the first email you sent, you use the segmentation in the auto-responder find the members of your list who did not open that email. Now you send a second email to all the members of your list that are in this segment, but this time use a new email somewhat different email subject. Now, to all the people that did not open the first email, this appears to be a completely new email that you are sending.

Now I recently tried this with my list of about 2300 subscribers and the results were incredible. Every second email that I sent with a new subject to a portion of my list that did not open the first email increased the open rates by 21% and 35% and the click through rates increased by 28% and 33%. This means for every hundred emails opened with the first send I received an average of 28 more email opened. Just as startling was the click through rate increase, which saw a 30 more clicks for each hundred clicks that were initially received.

Improve salesSo without having to increase your list size you can easily increase your conversion rates and number sales by similar percentages since your engagement is tightly tied to you open rates and clicks on your emails. You may see a few more unsubscribes by using this tactic, but if they don’t open and don’t read your emails then do you really want them on your list anyways.

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Bill Solano

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